Nature and Nourishment

Blue Bells and Beech Trees, EnglandCan our lives be changing faster than our beings can tolerate?

While i am not a strong proponent of evolutionary psychology, we have had tens of thousands of years to grow and develop  alongside other animal species, trees, bees, waterways, wildflower meadows- is it possible we are floundering in our self-created technological universe?

In our culture, our western world is starstruck with iphones, Netflix, Instagram, snap-chat, etc. Yes, we have developed incredible tools and without balance. I wonder about young children growing with hand held devices for entertainment. How does this affect imagination? I have worked with young adults who are not adept at communication because what they know is primarily through texting. They are challenged to read facial cues, language and vocal inference and body language.

Quite possibly something has been lost as our lifestyles have become faster, more efficient and more focused. We have more stress, more anxiety and depression, more violence, more suicide, more insanity. Our nervous systems are constantly aroused. It seems we have less compassion, less community, less gratitude and less peace.

We have lost sight of our home and what sustains us.

Maybe we need some soul nourishment. What is that? It is slowing down, being contemplative and mindful. It is noticing the sweet air that is perfumed by flower and tree blooms. It is allowing birdsong in. It is feeling the sun on your skin or blue sky above you. It is noticing a puddle. It is knowing the self and being quiet. It is incorporating ceremony and ritual into life to create and honor the sacred. It is Knowing that we are all connected. We are literally all made from stardust, the same molecules that everything else on Earth is made from.

Slow down. Breathe deep. You are not alone.