What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a process whereby psychological problems are treated through communication and relationship between an individual and a therapist. There are many theories and techniques and the best of them strive to enable the client to live a life of meaning and joy. 

How Can it Help?

Some benefits of counseling may include feeling less stress and tension, gaining inner peace, being more present in your life and deepening your self awareness. Therapy can change unwanted thoughts and behaviors and improve your relationships, increasing intimacy and communication. Therapy can be transformative, helping to build a sense of well-being and healing.

Individual Therapy:

I use a variety of approaches and draw from Humanistic, Cognitive, and Depth  theoretical orientations in my practice to support my clients. Because I integrate several theoretical orientations I do not have a rigid, formulated approach.


My interest and expertise focuses on Women’s Issues, Anxiety and Panic, Communication, Depression, Grief and Loss, Life Transition, Relationship, Self Esteem, Building Community, Spirituality and Earth Connection. 

Group Work:

In a group setting, individuals feel supported and come to understand that they are not alone. Over time group dynamics can foster courage, compassion and self esteem. I create and facilitate groups that focus on Communication skills, Relationship and Intimacy, Life Transition, and Women’s Issues. Groups can be ongoing or have specific time limits. Let me know if you are interested in becoming a group member.

Herbalism and Aromatherapy:

I went to school for Botanical Medicine and became a Master Herbalist. I have also taken classes in Aromatherapy. Plant medicines compliments the work being done in counseling sessions.  Herbal remedies can be used for insomnia, stress, anxiety and calming the nervous system, among other things. Essential oils used in Aromatherapy can enhance mood and assist in bringing about emotional well-being. 

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